Sunday 28 May 2017 - 15.00

Chateau d'Aspelt, Aspelt, Luxembourg (click image left)

January 2017

Schrainerei, 115 Rue Emile Mark, 4620 Differdange, Luxembourg

(confirmation of date pending)


Saturday 11 February 2017

Open Stage from 21.00

Sang & Klang, 7 Rue des Trois-Glands, 1629 Luxembourg

(confirmation of date pending)


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The latest release 'Your Smiling Heart' is available for preview on Soundcloud. Click on the play button to the right to hear it. To be released on forthcoming EP.

"Very impressed" Ian Freedman, Readifolk Radio


1.  John Barleycorn (trad)

2.  The Miller's Dream
3.  O'er The Leaves
4.  Cripple Creek (trad)
5.  The Auld Triangle

6.  The Dulcets
6.  Moonshiner (trad)
7.  K K K Katy (O'Hara)
9.  At The Bend In The River

10. Supply & Demand