© 2017 Reluctant Dragon


The band was formed in 2012 when vocalist, Clair-Louise Walsh, and singer-songwriter, Kevin Boor, started making music together on a camping holiday in Esch-Sur-Sûre. Upon their return they began to meet regularly in Clair-Louise’s garage to rehearse or in Kev’s apartment to record. 

Apart from a love of folk and acoustic music the pair were united by a sense of humour that mystified most as well as by their fond memories of the literary works of Kenneth Graham. Hence the name ‘Reluctant Dragon’ was born. 

Many dozens of recordings later Clair-Louise took the bold step of furthering her education and left the band. Consequently in 2015 the dragons felt that it was time to honour the work of the previous two years by wrapping it up neatly with a bow and including a free bonus track (The Dulcets). Their first album, Landing Stage, was a colection of original and traditional work dedicated to friendship, hardship, love and hope in the knowledge that none of us conquer much of anything alone. It is available on Bandcamp.

Looking to the future Reluctant Dragon will be releasing a new EP soon described by co-founder, Kevin Boor, as ‘historical fiction set against a contemporary folk background’.

​Reluctant Dragon currently comprise Kevin Boor (singer/songwriter, guitar, other instruments), Hannah Skrinar (accordion, flute, whistle, vocal), Roberto Rosignoli (bass), Tim Welch (piano, ukulele, trumpet, flugelhorn), Guy Blitgen (bodhran) and Roger Yerburgh (guitar, vocal).

​They would be remiss not to thank their collaborators/past band members Rachel Parker (vocal), Kim Guy (vocal), Clair-Louise Walsh (vocal), Fabian Lidman (bass, flute, tin whistle), Miranda Shvangiradze (piano) and Paul Comrie (vocal, guitar) for their inspirational contributions over the past years.